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The Angel Touch Massage was developed with a lot of passion and knowledge. Have learnt two different types of manual lymphatic drainage, in Australia and in Brazilian, gave me the opportunity to put together the ideal massage for most people. This distinctive protocol blends/combines/fuses/unites two methods of massage, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Body Sculpturing/Shaping massage. The Angel Touch Massage is a detoxing massage therapy that uses rhythmical and very precise hand movements.


Our Lymphatic System is responsible for helping move the excess waste and product through our body. It helps boost your immunity and reduce inflammation and bloating in your body.

Mission Statement

My mission is to create health benefits for all of my clients by supporting them in their journey to healing themselves. My focus is for you to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

How did the name Angel’s Touch come about?

The name ‘Angel’s Touch’ came about through client’s feedback. My clients were continually saying, your hands are so soft and warm; you have an Angel's Touch.


About Adriana and her Exclusive technique

Adriana Bowers

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you are thriving. Helping you to achieve a more balanced version of yourself has made me embark in the wellness field with manual lymphatic drainage.


I want to share with you why I am passionate about what I do. I have been blessed to experience the connection and changes that I see in my clients. 


I came into this profession with the understanding and hope of wanting to make a change in the client’s life, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.




Certificate in Massage Therapy (former NSW School of Massage Sydney)

  • Remedial

  • Swedish

  • Sports

  • Pregnancy


Specialization in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Nature Care College - Sydney)


Miracle Touch – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Expert (Renata Franca Brazilian Method – Brazil - Combination of Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Body Shaping Massage)


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Tel: 0407 261 327

Email: info@angeltouchmassage.com

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What  People  Say  About  Us

Fernanda Bernardes,36

Having had my first major surgery has been tough. I don't know what I'd do without Adriana's help! After lipo you need massages and it's hard to do it on yourself especially after a fat transfer to your buttocks (BBL). You can't sit on it so how can you drive anywhere to get a massage? It's made this so much easier and I'm so thankful! Will be recommending her to everyone!

Mariana Papa, 42

Very professional and instant results. Having had a. lot of massages around the world, I can honestly say Angel Touch is amazing and unique. Highly recommend!

Rachel Ariza, 59

Adriana has been coming to massage me in my home for years. She is an amazing person, a healer. The massages always feel like a therapy not only because of the physical treatment but also because she literally has an angel's touch. I never knew I could experience this level of relaxation! And now I won't go to anyone else for a body and facial detox massage.


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Carma Vesper, 50

Adriana's magical touch and healing hands had a beautiful therapeutic affect on my body. She knows and feels into your body intuitively. I always feel more in touch with my body after a treatment with Adriana. I highly recommend Adriana. With much love always.

Alex Barth, 52

Adriana was awesome! Hands down the most convenient and fantastic massage I have ever had. Definitely recommend and will book her again!

Giuliana B, 24

I've been working in the cosmetic industry for 2 years now and I understand the importance of lymphatic massages. All I was needing was a good trainer! Adriana was so thorough which made it easy to understand just how Angel Touch works. I'm so excited to have this tool and cannot wait to take this back to the Gold Coast and help others feel incredible!!!


A special mention to all those that helped bring my vision and dreams alive.

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