PRENATAL MASSAGE - Are you in your third month of pregnancy or beyond or just had a baby? The Manual Lymphatic Drainage pregnancy massage is perfect for getting rid of the bloating associated with early motherhood.  If you have an ok from your physician, then I am here for you. The MLD can increase blood flow to keep your lymphatic system working to flush toxins from your body. During pregnancy, having regular prenatal massages can help with joint pain, I insomnia, sciatica, leg cramping, and neck and back pain. Proper lymphatic massage for expectant mother is also known to help with depression relief, sinus congestion, headaches, and swelling. ADD THE LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE OF THE FACE (MIRACLE FACE) to your pregnancy massage for an extra 40min massage and extra $80. Total massage time 100min.


PORTPARTUM MASSAGE – If your face is puffed up and your legs, feet, ankles, hands and arms are swollen and you have already given birth, a postpartum massage would do wonders for you. Postpartum swelling can be caused by a build up of the excess fluid that is caused by blockage in the tissues under the skin. The manual lymphatic drainage massage can effectively push the fluids out from under the tissues into the bloodstream to drain properly. Once drained, the body goes into a state of healing thus allowing the swelling to go down.


Angel Touch Pre & Post Natal Massage

This massage will prepare your general wellbeing before, during and after pregancy. It will help you with excessive fluid retation, localised aches and pains.